How to Install Underfloor Safe?

An underfloor safe is nothing but a steel box which comes with a safe door attached at the top. As the body cannot provide much protection as a whole that is why it is installed in concrete to make it more secure. An underfloor safe cannot be noticed immediately unless you look for it because it is well hidden somewhere.

In contrast to floorboard luxury safes, an underfloor safe is ideal for the purpose of insurance as it has been kept properly secured by being encased in concrete. These underfloor luxury safes are obtainable with either a larger rectangular lid or with a very secure round screw-in door to make a huge spectrum of valuables to be stored.

Luxury Safes

Installation of Underfloor Safe

At this section, you will know about the steps of installing underfloor safe into the concrete. The entire body of an underfloor safe should be sunk into concrete on a suitable and existing solid floor (timber or concrete). In order to install one of theseluxury safes, the ground should be dug well to make sufficient depth if a cavity is already not present. The door of the safe must sit on the level of the floor.

It is important to remember that safes should not be secured with a standard concrete mix and every manufacturer would have recommendations for the mix that would be good for securing the safe. It is better to hire a professional builder to install the safe correctly as failure to this particular activity can invalidate any insurance.

If the underfloor safe is to be fitted on a floor and there is enough void beneath, shuttering could be constructed with concrete poured around it to form a box that the safe sits in. With the help of shutters, it is also possible to build an above-ground box which has the same effect.

Luxury Safes

Crucial Steps:

  • Safeguard safe from any cement and sand entering through neck
  • Always keep the safe clean by removing the door
  • Make sure no cables, drains, pipes are placed underneath this area
  • Take off the floor covering to view concrete floor
  • Excavate away at least 75 mm deeper than the height of safe
  • Install a damp-proof membrane to avoid corrosion from water damage
  • Mark out section at least 150 mm broader than the footprint of safe
  • Install mesh if needed
  • Prior to filling the base of the hole, add water resisting additive with 100 mm of concrete mix
  • Place safe down into the dug hole until safe get leveled with the ground surface
  • While filling with a mix, check safe is level
  • Do not use or disturb safe within seven days of installation

Tips to Install Window Box

You can change the drab looking house miraculously just by adding some window box. Often used by the enthusiastic gardeners, these boxes can be used as a fantastic exterior designing factor. The problem, however, lies in the weight that these boxes had to bear every day. It is far too often that a window box full of soil has fallen on a pedestrian. To avoid such disasters, the experts of window installation Toronto advise you to follow these simple steps.

toronto window installation

Think About Support

If you do not want the flower-laden window box to land on someone’s head, then you must think about the support that the boxes need.  There are several types of support for such window boxes are available in the market. The most common type of support is metal brackets which are screwed to the wall. In this case, you just need to make sure that the wood is solid enough to bear all the weight of window box.

The problem, the experts of window installation Toronto feels, is that in most cases it is difficult to take place the wall brackets right under the window box. If this happens, then the window box can easily become misbalanced. Another problem is that most houses have vinyl or wood sidings which make it difficult for the brackets to sit properly on the wall. You can also think about using French cleat to support the window box.

Types of Window Box

You need to choose the window box that matches with your requirement. There are many types available in the market. Choose the best one which matches the style of your house, say the experts of window installation Toronto.

How to Install

window installation toronto

To install the window boxes you need to decide the length of the box. For which you need to measure the width of the window. Choose the type of wood that you like. The experts of window installation Toronto warns you that softwoods like pine are not ideal for this kind of work. You need to choose woods like redwood, cypress, and cedar to make the box last longer. Check the length and cut the wood according to it. The cleats can be made from wood panels which are ¾ inch thick.

How to Cut the Lumber

To make the window box attached to the wall you need to cut the lumber with either a circular hand saw or a table saw. By splitting the wood in the middle you can create two pieces of lumber which look identical. However, if matched together, the pieces fit each other perfectly.

After that, one piece of the lumber is screwed to the window box, and the other piece is screwed to the wall of the house. Let the pieces get interlocked when you bring the window box near the lumber on the wall. The experts of window installation Toronto say to use galvanized or stainless steel fastener to attach the pieces of lumber together. You need to install two blocks of woods on the lower rear to ensure that the window box does not get tipped.

Do not waste too much time thinking about it. Just add the wonderful window boxes to your house to make it beautiful.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Gold Coins for Investments

Have you ever tried to buy gold coins for investment? Today, the days are of online financial accounts and stock trading and therefore, money seems to be just a fantasy. Nowadays, money is not used as a tangible object as everything has become cashless. This is the reason why buying gold coins is something very solid and satisfying about investment. Some of the people might appear to be suspicious when they buy gold coins in today’s era but it is a little case of craziness. Therefore, you must check out the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing gold coins as an investment.

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Advantages of Purchasing Gold Coins

Other hard metals and gold have always been a valued part of traditional investment plans. Do you know why? See below.

  • Gold acts as a defensive wall against inflation.
  • Gold usually moves up when other investments fall which offers a stabilizing impact on your portfolio.
  • Until the moment you sell, you do not need to pay capital gains tax.
  • Gold or silver can be used for trade if you have the worst financial scenarios like massive currency devaluation.
  • Nobody wants to know that you have gold coins unlike the case of money.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Gold Coins

Like advantages, there are even some disadvantages to buy gold coins.

  • There is a chance of theft of your gold if you are not careful about it.
  • In contrast to stocks and bonds, a gold purchase cannot be considered as an investment for company growth. The fact is you would not get interest or dividends from tangible gold.
  • You might need to wait for the raise of gold value.

buy gold coins

Tips to Purchase and Keep Gold Coins Safe

If you have decided to buy gold coins, it is better to purchase it from a reputed financial institution or dealer. There is no smartness in buying gold coins from individuals which you are not sure of. Hence, it is recommended to first obtain the gold coins’ authenticity verified. US gold coins usually come in the denominations of one, one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth ounce. When one buy gold coins, they have to pay a “premium” over the price per ounce from which the dealer makes a profit. You might even need to pay a higher premium if you purchase gold coins less than one ounce each. Generally, you should purchase bullion coins like the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, or American Gold Eagle.

Other Methods to Make Gold Coins Investment

Even you can purchase gold coins with your IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) either the fact that you cannot be able to take these coins to the home. Your gold coins will be kept in a safe locker for you by IRA administrator. Gold coins must essentially meet purity standards to certify as IRA investments. Without bringing any gold coins home, you can actually invest in gold. You can avail the benefits of gold’s hedge against inflation by buying gold certificates, gold mining stock, or exchange-traded products and without worrying about where to store them.

When and How to Make Use of Merchant Cash Advance Loans

Merchant cash advance loans are getting popular day by day and shattered all over the marketplace. This loan is all about selling the future revenues of the business to obtain money in advance. The cost of this financing tool is an important thing as the payback is 1.2 to 1.4 of the amount obtained over a small period which is 3 to 12 months. The lender needs direct access to the business bank account and/or credit card receipts. The lender can also be defined as the “Buyer” or “Buyer of Future Revenues”. They have the initial right to the receipts and collects of the business daily or weekly that leaves the entrepreneur with a lack of control over their cash flow. The sequence like underwriting, approval, and funding usually takes only 2 to 5 business days. Hence you can access the money easily and quickly.

merchant cash advance

Let us know more about the rate of merchant cash advance loans with a small example. If an entrepreneur sells $12,000 of future revenues for $10000 today and his payback is $12000 over three months, it is a 20% premium. Simple annualized interest will make this an interest rate of 80%. The amount of funding is $2000 on $10000 as it is paid back in three months.

Merchant cash advance loans are not actually designed as a loan because it is a purchase of future revenues which is why usury laws are not applicable. Moreover, this is a transaction of a business and it is not safeguarded by consumer law. When the risk of loss exceeds the cost of funding, this transaction is only beneficial to the business owner and they are 110% sure about the money for repayment.

merchant holding cash advance

Business owners must not utilize this funding tool to retire other debt, on the prospect of future expansion, or to buy an expensive piece of equipment. There exist various other financing tools which are more appropriate for those scenarios. There are many businesses who take out two to three MCA loans and share their views with other business owners so that they can make better financial decisions. On the internet, you can search out various financing solutions to meet your business needs. Experts are also available if you need any financial advice and options for your business. So must take the right decision for the financial need of your business.

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It’s the place you call home

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