Are you thinking about getting engaged? Are you worried about the exorbitant price of the diamond engagement rings? Well, worry no more. There are options for you, which would not be so hard on your pockets while making sure that the ring does not look even a bit different than the traditional diamond rings.

Moissanite rings from the engagement rings jeweller in Toronto is one such great option that you can try. If you are still on the fence about choosing the moissanite rings instead of the diamond ones for your engagement, check the following section of this article. Here, we have talked about the reasons you should choose moissanite rings over the traditional diamond ones. Have a look.

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Price Vs. Value

When you think about choosing the gem for the ring, you need to think about the opportunity cost. That means you should consider what would you personally gain by choosing a certain type of gems over the others.

Moissanite rings are not only beneficial for your savings, but it also is great for the earth. If you decide to buy the ring, you do not have to narrow down the choices just because your pocket does not permit it. Purchasing your engagement ring from an engagement rings jeweller in Toronto should not be a taxing process. Choosing moissanite over the diamond is just about the matter of your preference.


Some people choose a diamond because of its hardness. This feature generates the concept that the diamonds are for eternity. If you consider this aspect, then moissanite rings give good competition to the diamonds. On the hardness scale, the moissanite scores 9.25 to that of a 10 of the diamonds.

Brilliance and Fire

As the moissanite is made of silicon carbide, it makes the abundance of the stones limitless. The double refractive index of the gem enhances its brilliance and fire. It simply indicates that you will get to see even more sparkle in the moissanite stones than that of the standard diamonds.

engagement rings jeweller in toronto

Environment Friendly

Moissanite stones are one of the most eco-friendly choices. By buying the diamond rings, you are approving the gem mining practices. The environmental, as well as the socio-political impact of the gem mining, has been disastrous.

However, by choosing the moissanite gems for your engagement ring, you will be supporting the lab-created gems and will be spreading awareness about them as well.


Conflict and diamond have become almost synonymous with each other. The harvest of blood diamonds has coined the term conflict in the diamond industry. Even though there have been many rules imposed on the import and export of the diamonds, the problem still persists. To be sure that the diamond you are wearing does not have any violent generation history, you should choose moissanite for your engagement ring.

Now that you have so many reasons for choosing moissanite, why are you wasting time? Along with offering the same sparkly looks like the original diamonds, the moissanite rings from engagement rings jeweller in Toronto keeps your savings secure as well. So, don’t dwindle on this issue anymore. Talk to your partner and choose one gorgeous moissanite ring for her.